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MPS | Publishing Solutions | Project Management
We guarantee that you meet your publishing deadline by managing the entire book or journal production cycle for you. Our project managers can handle all phone and email communication with your authors; manage articles for a journal issue or a major reference work; collate proofs; and work with freelancers, printers, and any other external parties.
Rigorous recruitment methods mean that only those with the requisite industry experience, co-ordination and communication skills qualify for a project management role with MPS. All new recruits undergo hands-on training to familiarize them with our processes and those of our clients. Continuous support and mentoring by senior project managers helps new project managers further develop their skills to the high levels expected at MPS. As a result, our project managers have a reputation for being excellent communicators, highly organized and always punctual.
Journal Project and Issue Management
MPS can handle your journal articles right from the moment your editors approve an article for publication. We are experienced in working with large online manuscript sites such as Manuscript Central to validate and collect an article after peer review and upload it to your own content management system (CMS). We work with your CMS as we guide the article through the editing and production process, keeping your production editors constantly updated on the article’s progress. Our team handles all author communication and master-copy or proof collation, and once the article is completed we can also publish it online for you.
The project manager can also take care of the running order of each issue based on your
annual schedule, making sure to balance the mixture of articles in the issue before sending it to the production editor and the printer.
Book Project Management
MPS offers both partial and full-service project management for book and major reference work (MRW) projects. Both types of project managers handle your book at all stages of the production process, but our full-service option offers you additional support by taking on all communication and co-ordination with your books’ authors and editors.
Each title is assigned to a single project manager to simplify co-ordination and communication. Our project managers are proactive, calling or emailing you or your authors whenever questions arise and working with you to resolve each query and issue. They have sufficient technical and production knowledge to address routine queries and, where needed, co-ordinate internally to find the solution.
Onshore Project Management
In addition to our India-based project management service, MPS also has teams of onshore project managers in Europe and North America. Whether the project is particularly complex or involves a slightly sensitive author, or you just prefer to work with someone a little closer to home, our US and UK project managers work with the production team in India to enable you to enjoy the best of both worlds—a cost-efficient onshore service.
As well as our English-language project management service, we also provide onshore or offshore project management in mainstream European languages, including French, Italian, Spanish, and German.
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