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Bridging the Gap: Sanjiv Bhatnagar, Head of Client Relations – North America

Sanjiv Bhatnagar, the new head of client relations for North America, is well equipped to play a bridging role. Half German and half Indian, he is married to Stephanie who is half American and half German, which, says Sanjiv, makes their two-year-old daughter Anya roughly two quarters German.

Sanjiv moved from Bangalore to MPS’ production unit in Beverly, Massachusetts, earlier this year. With ten years of production experience plus ten years in IT-enabled services—where he did everything from running the night shift in a call center to managing teams of doctors for medical indexing services—Sanjiv has the technical knowledge to help advise clients in the US. As well as being closer to the production floor, he also provides a close link with MPS’ offshore operations, where he spent several years heading the journals production unit.

His brief is to be a ‘solution provider’ for MPS’ North American clients, as well as supporting the book production team in Beverly, which provides a boutique service for complex and critical titles.

Before joining MPS, Sanjiv gained a lot of experience in starting up companies and in managing routine operations. All of this, coupled with an MBA in operations management and corporate planning, helped him become a “turnaround specialist,” helping companies—whether start-ups or underperformers—get back on track.

Although an outdoors man with a passion for the mountains and dogs—including his “Gurgaon Hound,” or mongrel—Sanjiv also finds time to complete at least one cryptic crossword a day, perhaps no surprise for a man with a master’s in mathematics.

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