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Shishu Bhavan: Mother Teresa’s Legacy in Bangalore

Mother Teresa remains enduringly popular in India, and her Missionary of Charity homes are well established all over the country. Shishu Bhavan (literally “Children’s Home”) in Bangalore is one of two in the city and houses children of all ages, from a week to 14 years.

Many of Shishu Bhavan’s girls and boys have incurable diseases or are physically crippled. Parents, unable to care for their children often because of the medical costs, bring them here or abandon them in public waste areas from where they are brought to Shishu Bhavan. Some will not recover, and for many, despite all the nuns’ best efforts, hope is in short supply.

Ten MPS employees wanted to visit the home to understand more about these children’s lives. The children are often traumatized and scared of strangers, so visits to the home need to be carefully managed to avoid upsetting them. It is deeply saddening to see some of the worst cases at Shishu Bhavan—boys and girls broken not only in body but also in spirit.

The MPS group, though, was glad to be able to hand over the medical and grocery items that they had collected from the office and to sponsor dinner for the 50 children.

Asha Rani, one of the MPS team who visited the orphanage, explained: “We had long wanted to do something useful for people who are in need of a helping hand. It was very sad to see these small children and we are aiming to put aside something each month to contribute.”

If you’d like to know more about Shishu Bhavan, please get in touch with Sheetal Dhall, who led the MPS group, at

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